Massive reduction of stress levels in students & sports professionals.
BG&A have a proven programme to reduce exam and performance Stress & Anxiety.

Stress and anxiety can strike even the highest achievers at acutely challenging times like exams, competitions & public speaking. For some, these conditions may be chronic and the sufferer has to manage them in order or to simply get through each day. BG&A can help…

The symptoms of stress and anxiety can be acutely debilitating, causing many students to experience for example: procrastination, severe fatigue, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. In some cases, experienced corporate executives are brought to near fainting with fear prior to public speaking or highly-trained and successful performers and athletes to be in panic and mind-numbing dread prior to competitions and performances. Negative changes in personality and behaviour often occur in those who are suffering stress and anxiety.

Our clients all have one thing in common. They want fast, safe, and permanent relief from these crippling and frightening symptoms. They want to be in control of their mind and body and to be able to achieve their aims and goals in a confident and relaxed manner.

BG&A are specialist consultant practitioners in stress & anxiety for schools & universities, sports, performing arts, private clients and corporate organisations.For information on how we can help please click here

Training Courses: Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma and CPD training are provided by our associate company ASCH (Advanced School of Clinical Hypnotherapy) ASCH is an approved GHR advanced training school.

BG&A also provide commercial courses in persuasive language and effective communication for education, corporate and business groups.