Whether you approve of his politics or not…and this is not a political piece. It’s simply a study of a topical and high profile sales & marketing campaign, that was a sensational success in respect of its appeal to the WIFM factor.

In terms of sales and marketing; Donald Trump closed the sale…he won the business, he beat the competition and the account is his.

Marketing communication is now dominated by social media, on-line marketing, websites, SEO and relationship building campaigns.

Regardless of the power, speed and brilliance of social media and the internet to get the sales message out fast to massive numbers, specific target markets, and to build relationships; it’s important to realise, and to always remember this: – In respect of sales and marketing, it is paramount to respect and appeal in an ethical way to the basic WIFM factor at the outset:
• What’s
• In it
• For
• Me

Your audience almost without exception will ask: Why should I listen to you, or read this? Why should I need to know who or what you are? What’s in it for me?

It may surprise you to know that initially your prospective customers don’t care who you are. What you’ve done or how passionate you are about your chosen profession or product.

You will in most cases fail to gain the attention and engage with your target by beginning your message with your personal bio or your reason for your doing what you do. They will be asking so who cares … WIFM? Why should I pay attention to this? How does this relate to me? Am I interested enough to give this my attention and time to find out more? This is truer than ever now in these times of no time to waste.

The only time that you or your product name has any significance is when it has become known as a brand. And even then, it’s only the brand promise that’s important to them, because they believe is provides the right answer to WIFM.

Anyway back to Donald Trump; like him or not he never once waivered from this WIFM principal during his sales/election campaign. The writer would suggest more a sales campaign because when you listen to his supporters or maybe more appropriately voters, it seems the majority just talk about WIFM.

They simply mouth back about what he has promised to provide for them. It’s only his adversaries who commented on his history, leadership qualities, principles, integrity, strengths and weakness. But his voters, wealthy or poor were oblivious to the objections raised by Trump’s adversaries; they almost hypnotically spoke his sales promises as they affected their own personal world view, needs and wants. They were sold on WIFM.

The tag line: “We are going to make America great again!” will for the foreseeable future always evoke Trump’s promise, and all that it represented in the hearts and minds of his target market & eventual voters. Can you remember one resounding statement of promise from Hillary Clinton…?

So the key point of learning is: Tell your audience at the outset – What’s in it for them & keep on telling them…that’s how Coca-Cola does it!

This is just one component of an ethical and affective marketing campaign. Methods of gaining attention and creating the desire in your prospective customers to know more and to eventually buy from you also need to be included.

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