Betty George & Associates teams up with Dr Klappa of The University of Kent

photo credit: DiariVeu - GettyImages – tristor via photopin (license)You will be aware of the recent news headlines bringing public attention to the effects of Exam Stress and Anxiety on students and school children.
A team of ASCH graduates joined me at Betty George & Associates to facilitate a clinical research programme for exam stress and anxiety for students at The University of Kent.

We collaborated in the research programme led by Dr Peter Klappa, the master of Rutherford College, to test the effects of Clinical Hypnotherapy on exam stress and anxiety.

The results were outstanding: Statistical analysis showed that the effect of Clinical Hypnotherapy is highly significant.

The future: This kind of endeavour raises the profile of Clinical Hypnotherapy and creates opportunities for our graduates.

Here we demonstrated that Clinical Hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool to increase the mental wellbeing of students. We are working to make this kind of intervention available nationally to schools, colleges and universities.
Meanwhile BG&A has been commissioned to continue our work with students at The University of Kent.