photo credit: Onasill ~ Bill Badzo Albany New York ~ New York State Education Department Building (license)Over the weekend I was watching an old Michael Caine – Charlize Theron film: “Cider House Rules”. The scene where little “Fuzzie” dies had me in floods. So bitter sweet; the way he just slipped away whilst watching “King Kong”.

It does still astonish to me how our sub-conscious does not recognise the imagined from what we think of as reality. How it engages holistic response to what is imagined.

What evoked my emotion and subsequent tears was nothing more than man made images playing on a screen in combination with a story. It wasn’t real; it was just my sub-conscious responding, and creating change in my mind, body and emotional state.

Is it any wonder that visualisation and metaphor are so very powerful in bringing about change for our clients? I think this is one very good case for ‘the keep it simple’ routine …