A doctor prescribed one hour of listening to Billy Connolly per day for six weeks and it worked. He did this instead of issuing a prescription for antidepressant drugs.
What an incredibly fortunate patient to have consulted such a doctor…one who facilitated a change of state within his patient through: laughter, guided visualisation and metaphor – because that is what Billy Connolly does so brilliantly.
As we watch and listen to Billy recounting his stories we are entranced and experience what he is describing within our imagination. At the same time our subconscious takes this on as being real and records some of the life learning that is offered in the stories allowing us to find solutions to our own issues whilst we are in a state of relaxation, happiness and hilarity.
NLP practitioners and Clinical Hypnotherapists will understand the power of laughter, guided visualisation and metaphor and what effect these have on an individual’s state of mind bringing about healing and allowing their clients to be free to live their best lives.
The fascinating and exciting world of Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP offers some great career opportunities.

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