BG&A are achieving massive results in the reduction of exam and performance Stress & Anxiety.

Once you have realised enough is enough you want the change to be fast and easy…

BG&A are specialists in rapid state change programmes incorporating Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Counselling and Coaching. We work with schools, universities, sports teams, corporate clients and individuals.

Our clients achieve massive reduction in their stress & anxiety levels. This often occurs within just two sessions.

Our recent work with university students and sports teams has produced spectacular results, with clients fast achieving increased confidence and a sense of positive anticipation towards their forthcoming exam and performance challenges.

BG&A Team:

The BG&A team come from professional backgrounds to include: teaching, professional sports pros, corporate management, corporate training & development. They are all qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists .

The team skill set and experience includes: NLP, executive & life coaching, sports coaching, counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy.

What this means to you is: The BG&A team have all the skills and hands on experience to permit an empathic approach to clients’ issues. This enables us to structure the best therapeutic strategy to meet our clients’ requirements.

The Programme:

We have developed a proven programme for school and university students who are experiencing exam stress & anxiety. We are achieving extraordinary and rapid results for both groups and individual students. Results show massive reduction in their levels of anxiety. In many cases the effect has been positive anticipation of exam days leading to actual enjoyment of the exam experience.

Our work with our sports clients is proving to be enormously successful. We work with teams and mixed groups as well as individuals. Many of our clients report immediate and positive results and these are evidenced in their ongoing achievements.

Our approach is predominantly person-centred, and we use an integrative model of Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP. We practice non judgemental, unconditional regard for our clients. We understand that each individual or organisation experiences their issues in their own unique way. Therefore all of our interventions are primarily designed to meet our clients’ particular needs and wants.

How we work:

We spend time in counselling with our clients to allow both the therapist and the client to identify the issues that need to be addressed, and for clients to realise what changes and results they would like to achieve.

This process is part of an ongoing assessment from which the treatment plan will be decided and agreed with the client.

Many individual cases will only require one session including the counselling and assessment phase. Group programmes, depending on the issues, will run over three to six sessions.

We offer a free initial consultation for organisations, schools and universities to discuss their prospective needs and requirements. From this we can assist in forming a brief and a programme strategy.

In individual cases preliminary assessment can be made via a complimentary telephone consultation. The prospective treatment can be discussed and agreed at the same time.