BG&A have a proven track record in facilitating fast positive change for equestrians at all levels…

Whatever your equine interest is BG&A can help. Our clients include: happy hackers, riding club, pony club, keen amateur competitors and professionals.

Riding for competition or for pleasure can be the most exhilarating feeling in the world. When all is well, the sense of achievement whatever your goal or level of riding is immense.
You want to get the most from riding and the best from your horse, however sometimes negative experiences or self doubt can stand in the way. If things don’t go to plan it can be extremely frustrating and can lead to self doubt and a lack of confidence.
You may want to go to the next level – whether it be in dressage, x-country, show jumping, schooling, hacking or actually riding your own horse – however at times our ‘mental blocks’ prevent us from moving forward.
The specialist sports coaches at BG&A know from their long experience both in general sports and in equestrianism, that even the most dedicated and confident of horsemen & women can be struck with fear, stress and anxiety at any time.

Negative experiences can create ‘limiting beliefs’ about ourselves, leaving us with unwanted negative emotions and certain unhelpful behaviours. Perhaps you have experienced those nagging fears in the back of your mind, that inner voice that reminds you of a previous mistake or painful fall, maybe you cannot identify any reason for the sudden onset of crippling fear and lack of nerve?

Do you find yourself saying?:

  • I hope that doesn’t happen again…
  • What if……?
  • I wish I could ….
  • I might look silly…
  • Others will be watching me……
  • I would really love to…….but…….
  • If only I could improve my dressage score/get a clear round…

Do you feel that you could do with a helping hand to move forward?

Or perhaps you feel that your success at whatever level of competition could be improved?
Just imagine being able to:

  • Eliminate fear and anxiety
  • Get the maximum enjoyment from your riding
  • Feel calm and confident in different situations
  • Look forward to new and exciting riding experiences
  • Let go of those old feelings and concerns
  • Avoid negative thinking
  • Learn techniques that you can use to increase your focus and confidence at competitions or at home

Research has shown that 80% of success in sports performance depends upon your mental preparation and your belief that you can win or succeed. BG&A can help you to overcome your anxiety and give yourself permission to win and achieve your goals using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques. 

At BG&A we know that when you want to make positive change you want to make it fast and permanent… You don’t want to overcome obstacles, you want them removed leaving your way clear all the way through to your goal.

Your issue may be the result of ‘hidden injuries’ those you experience in the privacy or secrecy of your own mind; like the fear of crashing, losing your way in the dressage test, being thrown, making mistakes in general, fear of your horse, jumping, hacking and road work, self image, competition nerves, fear that your body may fail coming back from injury or illness even though you are signed off as fit. You may be challenged with lack of motivation for some inexplicable reason or a crisis of confidence.

Two sample case histories
15 year old girl regularly competing at BE 100/pre novice level eventing. She was very confident in the SJ and xc phases, able to keep focused and was getting very good results. However in the dressage would become very nervous, felt unable to control her nerves and anxiety, felt sick, completely lost focus resulting in her making errors in the test. At home she was able to ride a very good test and the horse more than capable of having scores in the 20’s, however in competition was getting scores of 40-50. There was no initial event leading up to this issue, but she did feel enormous pressure to succeed for her parents. One session of hypnotherapy followed by one session in the school with her riding. Relaxation, induction, control room, visualisation, ‘bubble’ were used. Reframe of her perception that she was being scrutinised and ‘judged’ by the judge, to her taking the opportunity to demonstrate to the judge just how good they are.

Good results, with dressage scores of 20-30 since the sessions. Qualified for and competed in the Pony Club National finals at 100 with very good scores.

26 year old woman competing regularly at BE90/100 level eventing. Very confident SJ and xc phases, able to keep focused and was getting very good results. However in the dressage would become very nervous, felt unable to control her nerves and anxiety, felt sick, completely lost focus. Although these feelings were extreme at competition, she also had problems with ‘flat work’ at home which increased if there was an instructor present. She had begun to have the same feelings of anxiety in her personal life and work when put under pressure and it was felt that there may have been an incident or episode that had triggered this behaviour.

It became apparent that there had been an incident at the age of 14, not related directly to dressage or riding but after some years had begun to have a negative response to situations where she felt under pressure. The client had forgotten about the incident and had no idea that it was the cause of her issues.
After clearing the emotion associated with the event, deep trance with visualisation and setting of anchors was used.

The client reported that her work colleagues and friends had noticed a complete change in her behaviour and ability to deal with stress. The dressage scores improved considerably and she has continued to do very well in her eventing.

Sometimes accident, injury, or external stress may cause anxiety and fear culminating in diminished confidence and poor performance. In a number of cases these emotions are ‘hidden’ due to denial, shame, guilt, embarrassment, anger or subconscious suppression. When this happens the real issue presents itself as some of the following:

    • Making silly mistakes
    • Being ‘off form’
    • psychosomatic pain
    • regular injuries
    • overwhelm
    • competition nerves
    • anger and mood swings
    • insomnia
    • anxiety
    • stress
    • depression
    • phobias
    • accidents
    • drugs
    • drinking
    • smoking
    • anger issues/mood swings/depression

All of the above may have negative and sometimes devastating effect on athletic and sporting performance. At BG&A we offer a safe, non-invasive, drug free, and super relaxing solution to your particular challenges…does it sound too good to be true?

Clinical Hypnotherapy:

      • Is firmly established as a powerful method for enhancing performance of all types and is used worldwide by athletes.
      • Can give you the mental and physical edge you need to ride your very best every time.
      • Will help you to relax your body and remain calm and focused, enable you to be in tune with your horse and achieve your goals.
      • Can help you let go of past failures, build confidence in your riding abilities, trust your horse’s natural athletic talent.
      • Will allow you to cast away fears and self-doubt and sharpen your concentration.
      • Will enable you to relax and enjoy riding in front of others and increase your focus during lessons and in competition.
      • Will replace the negative chatter in your mind with new positive self-talk
      • Revitalize your riding experience and take your performance to the next level

Significant numbers of world superstars know the true value of Clinical Hypnotherapy and so do the numerous sporting teams and horse owners and riders we have worked with to date… So who is using it?

“When introduced to the sessions I was extremely sceptical. Thinking hypnotism was nonsense and would not work for me. After the first session this disappeared along with a lot of my worries in rugby. I started to play and train with a lot more freedom and regained the confidence I had lost due to a tough year. The little things didn’t seem to bother me anymore and mistakes weren’t a problem, they were brushed a side with ease and I could focus and move on the next task. Ranj and Betty are brilliant, making you feel cared for, comfortable and make the whole process easy. I would recommend this type of therapy as much as you would a physio for an injury. Any sportsman who needs that little boost mentally, spring in their step back should give this a try. I came away from every session feeling relaxed, reinvigorated and with a desire to do better. My performances improved, my leadership was a clearer and my focus on the important things was a lot sharper again. An excellent and worthwhile experience!
The sessions were part of a group process which consisted of other players who also benefited hugely.”
Martyn Beaumont captain first team & player coach Canterbury Rugby Club

Many British coaches are now turning to sports psychologists to help them train their athletes. But many other international Olympic coaches and competitors add to their sports psychology the super power of sports hypnotherapy. They have realised for many years the exceptional positive benefits of applying these two powerful methodologies. Professional managers, coaches and athletes worldwide have realised and proved the power of clinical hypnotherapy to bring about super fast therapeutic effect.

Since the 1950’s Hypnotherapy has been documented as a powerful and valued model of treatment by the BMA. There is a history of Hypnotherapy being used for many years to develop sports performance in professional and amateur athletes, by helping them to manage their mental state and enhancing their natural ability. In Britain it is now being promoted as a highly effective technique for helping our athletes. Some International Sporting Personalities who report the therapeutic effects of hypnotherapy are:

      • Andre Agassi
      • Pat Cash
      • Tiger Woods
      • Nick Faldo
      • Ian Woosnam
      • Deana Rushworth
      • Steve Collins
      • Jean Alesis
      • And many more

As equestrian sports become ever more competitive, and those participating attain even higher achievements, the mental side of sport is fast becoming even more important. BG&A Sports Hypnotherapy is ideally placed to provide you with these mental skills, and help you to take your performance to the next level, whatever that might be.

Some of the main areas where BG&A Sports Clinical Hypnotherapy will be of particular benefit are listed below, however this list is not exhaustive and individual horse owners and riders may have quite specific issues that are affecting their performance.

      • Performance anxiety
      • Enhanced performance
      • Competition nerves
      • Remembering the dressage
      • Working in the zone
      • Memorising the show jumping course
      • Motivation
      • Recovery from Injuries/illness
      • Releasing fear & anxiety
      • Releasing stress
      • Increased/regained confidence
      • Focus & concentration
      • Overcoming past negative experience
      • Managing Emotional states
      • Self limiting beliefs
      • Interpersonal relationship (teams- coaches)
      • Personal life Issues
      • Drug and alcohol abuse
      • Stopping smoking
      • Physical pain and healing
      • Psychosomatic conditions & pain

Case history
40 year old lady dressage rider, competing with several horses up to PSG level. As she had progressed in her dressage career the pressure had increased but also the quality and sharpness of the horses had increased. She had realised that increasingly over time she had become obsessed about riding in situations where there was external noise. She couldn’t ride calmly unless there was absolute quiet, people, dogs even the sound of the wind affected her. At competition, flags that often appear around arenas were distracting her and increasing her nerves and anxiety. The younger or sharper the horse the worse the symptoms.

It was revealed that she had an incident when she was approx 12 years old. She had been trapped in a trailer with a pony that was panicking and out of control. One of the overwhelming memories was the noise during that incident. She had made an association between noise and stressful situations with horses. This hadn’t surfaced until she had started to ride more difficult horses in more pressurised situations.

The process of Clinical Hypnotherapy was successful in reframing the client’s beliefs and old emotions around the past event. Although the rider has other issues around competition pressure, she is now able to ride comfortably, without the need for silence.

The process explained
Hypnosis is a safe and enjoyable process that can be described as a relaxed, focused state of concentration. The hypnotic trance is a natural, normal state of mind, one that most people enter several times every day.
Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to induce a deep state of relaxation, during which our unconscious minds are highly receptive to new or alternative perspectives and ideas
Our unconscious mind is primarily concerned with keeping us safe, well and happy. An enormous amount of information, memories, beliefs, habits and behaviours are stored in our unconscious mind. Some of this data may exist without us having a conscious knowledge of it. We automatically access the stored data to analyse how best to respond in any given situation. Sometimes the data stored, or the interpretation of that data, results in us reacting or making decisions or taking action that consciously we are not aligned with. This creates conflict between the ways the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind see the world. This internal conflict can give rise to difficulties such as physical or emotional problems, phobias and negative beliefs.
Hypnotherapy can help address these problems by recognising, connecting with and utilising the unconscious parts of the mind to help you achieve your goals.

NLP is a model of communication that focuses on identifying and using patterns of language that are able influence a person’s behaviour. It is made up of a body of information about how people go about things, how they behave, how they think, how they interact, how they are effective and ineffective.
NLP can help you to understand yourself as a rider and therefore communicate with your horse more effectively. It is a proven model for accelerating change and when used in conjunction with hypnotherapy the positive results are enhanced.