I am now a non-smoker thanks to BG&A. She helped me understand the reasons to when and why I started in the first place. Just by the power of knowing the reasons to why I started was enough for me to forgive myself and rid of any guilt that had me trapped inside. The therapy was delivered in such a way that it is impossible NOT to give up the addiction.  It was such an educational experience which made me feel so Powerful & Secure within my Mind Body and Soul just by knowing the reasons to why! Truly a life changing experience, once again thank you BG&A.



Ever since I was a young child, I had always had a phobia of snakes. So much so that I couldn’t be in the same room if they appeared on the TV. This was until I came across BG&A and their services. The therapist took me back to the cause of the phobia, relaxed my mind and made me feel totally at ease talking about the issue. They installed confidence in me and is extremely approachable. I cannot recommend his services enough.

Young Professional Canterbury, Kent


I came to see BG&A as I wanted and needed to get over my fear of vegetables. I have had the fear ever since I was a toddler and people have always made comments about it. When I came to see BG&A I was a bit anxious but as soon as we sat down and he was speaking to me, I could feel myself getting calm and more relax by the minute. As soon as we had finished the session I went straight to the shops and bought a variety of vegetables and had no problem eating them. It was a very relaxed and an amazing experience and I have recommended him to friends who have similar phobias.

Kent, Professional


Hi BG&A,

I would like to thank you in helping me overcome my sleeping problem. I now feel relaxed and chilled to not use my sleeping tablets since i saw you. A heart felt thank you i now have a good night’s sleep which I’d not had for years.