Patience is such a waste of time…

Whether you are a senior manager responsible for company performance or an individual executive…when you want to make positive change you want to make it fast and permanent. At BG&A we understand that you are looking for fast, safe, permanent change. Because you either want to stop something, start something, or you want improved performance and consistency. You don’t want to overcome obstacles, you want them removed, leaving your way clear all the way through to your goal. How would it be for you to achieve what you want fast even in many cases immediately, and what results would you expect to get from this?

Imagine a safe, non-invasive, drug free, virtually effortless and super relaxing solution to your particular challenges…does it sound too good to be true? Significant numbers of brand leaders and small businesses know it’s truly possible … and so do the many of the unknown people we help every year… Professional managers, business owners and executives worldwide have realised and proved the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP to bring about super fast therapeutic effect for improved performance.

How BG&A can help you to overcome your particular challenges, and achieve your aims and goals

Each member of our team of Clinical Hypnotherapists & NLP practitioners also has a successful track record in both SME and corporate business. The team consists of therapists with combined experience in sales, training and middle and senior corporate management. At BG&A we have the experience and skill to understand the challenges you face. We are trained and qualified in both group as well as individual process. We work holistically and fast, and at the same time with empathy, absolute none judgemental and unconditional regard for our clients.

We are trained and qualified in:

• Conflict management
• NLP Persuasive language & communication
• NLP Persuasion and influence
• NLP coaching – sales – project team motivation – teaching/training
• NLP Sales training
• NLP/ Clinical Hypnotherapy for public speaking
• NLP/Clinical Hypnotherapy – Personal development
• NLP motivation

“I have known Betty for a while now and have found her to be a consummate professional, calm and thoughtful. She is also a very experienced sales and marketing trainer as well as a great personal coach. I therefore jumped at the chance to attend her Influence & Persuasion Skills Workshop Program. I wasn’t disappointed, over 6sesions Betty took us through a series of learning experiences that was easy to follow, fun to experiment with in a safe environment and most importantly actual WORK in the real world. It was fun instructive learning about the power of words, the structure of thinking and various methods of planning a sales approach. I thoroughly and highly recommend Betty’s workshops, but more than that I also recommend that you work with Betty on one to one projects too. Betty is a creative, personable, expert in her field who delivers great results”. June 26, 2011 Paul Andrews, well-known presenter and owner of Kent Business Radio’s ‘Business Bunker’ and founder CEO of, repeatedly hired Betty as a Training Provider in 2011.

How and why does stress and anxiety affect both individuals and executive teams.

Stress is when you feel you don’t have the resources to meet the challenge…that you are overstretched. Anxiety is simply the work of your imagination. It manifests when you create a false and negative forward memory. Performance anxiety is manifested by imagining and telling yourself you will do badly for some reason. The subconscious believes this to be reality and it then activates the stress response. Should you choose to imagine a positive outcome then the result would be calm confidence because the subconscious would activate the relaxation response. Easily said, but how do you trigger the relaxation response? BG&A can help.

Sometimes corporate executives at any level have to face their worse fears such as:

• Public speaking
• Giving negative appraisals
• Making management decisions
• Being promoted out of their comfort zone
• Having to direct others
• Receiving appraisals
• Project management
• Delivering presentations sales
• Failure to achieve plans/targets

Some causes of stress & anxiety in the workplace

• Lack of confidence in your management team
• Lack of confidence in your colleagues
• Disempowerment (no teeth)
• Fear of failure
• Personal life challenges:
  – financial
  – relationship
  – bereavement
  – circumstantial changes
  – work
  – family
  – health
  – ageing
  – others
• Imposter syndrome
• Low self esteem
• Constant criticism from a key person of influence
• Poor work appraisal – not selected for promotion
• Constant criticism external/internal
• Negative self talk
• Guilt
• No job satisfaction
• Come back from injury or past illness. You have been passed as fit to take up your professional duties and yet you fear your mind/body may let you down.
• In the wrong job

How stress & anxiety may affect you

• Physical illness
  – headaches/migraine etc
  – IBS
  – sever fatigue
  – body pains
• Psychosomatic symptoms
• Mood swings – depression – hyper energy – manic episodes
• Irritability/anger especially towards family or close associates and friends (displacement of anger)
• Excessive drinking – drug taking – smoking
• Low libido – hyper libido – excessive use of porn
• Low self esteem
• Critical self talk
• Over spending – consumerism – excessive need for acquisition
• Eating disorders
• Significant inexplicable weight change

Imagine how it would be for you to feel calm, confident and actually enjoying your work and corporate challenges. What’s more, motivating your colleagues and teams to also enjoy the task and to give of their best. What results would you get from this?

“Betty is incredible at teaching communication skills and she embodies her own teaching – her workshops are both interesting and effective. Anyone who needs to communicate more effectively – whether with customers, staff, family or friends should do a workshop or course with Betty. Their communication skills will have been significantly enhanced and their lives enriched.” June 23, 2011 Louise Cox Chester; An investment analyst with 20 years experience as a director of investment banks. Louise is a founder member of Vector Business Group

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