Massive reduction in stress levels in students & sports professionals.

BG&A have a proven programme to reduce exam and performance Stress & Anxiety.

“I am so happy that I signed up to be a part of this programme. I have seen improvements in things that I didn’t even view as a problem beforehand and I don’t imagine going back to feeling that way Thank you very much!” KU1

“When introduced to the sessions I was extremely sceptical. Thinking hypnotism was nonsense and would not work for me. After the first session this disappeared along with a lot of my worries in rugby. I started to play and train with a lot more freedom and regained the confidence I had lost due to a tough year. The little things didn’t seem to bother me anymore and mistakes weren’t a problem, they were brushed aside with ease and I could focus and move on the next task.
Ranj and Betty are brilliant, making you feel cared for, comfortable and make the whole process easy. I would recommend this type of therapy as much as you would a physio for an injury. Any sportsman who needs that little boost mentally and putting the spring in their step back should give this a try. I came away from every session feeling relaxed, reinvigorated and with a desire to do better. My performances improved, my leadership was clearer and my focus on the important things was a lot sharper again. An excellent and worthwhile experience! The sessions were part of a group process which consisted of other players who also benefited hugely.” Martyn – Captain & Player Coach First Team Canterbury Rugby Club

Once you have realised enough is enough you want the change to be fast and easy…

Our approach is collaborative and empathic; we are experienced in communicating with young people, university students as well as corporate executives, sports pros and individual clients.The programme begins with the intake session where we will discuss our client’s needs and wants.This meeting will encompass some counselling in order to gain an empathic understanding of the issues to be addressed, and for the client also to gain a more conscious awareness of their situation, and what changes and results they would like to achieve.

We give a full presentation of our methods of working to include the therapy protocol and how that is generally experienced by our clients. At the same time our clients are invited to raise any questions that we will of course answer in full. During this same meeting we will begin an ongoing assessment process from which the treatment plan will be decided and agreed with the client. We may include at this stage some coaching and NLP rapid change techniques as a part of the dialogue. Clients are of course made aware of these components prior to their inclusion. You will realise from this that therapy is effectively commenced from the outset in a relaxed and natural manner.

Ongoing appraisal of the process throughout all of our treatment programmes is fundamental to recognising the clients’ changing state and to prompt the therapist to respond accordingly. Our therapeutic model is predominantly person-centred, and we employ an integrative model of Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP together with Counselling and Coaching. 

At BG&A we understand that each individual or organisation experiences their issues in their own unique way. Therefore all of our interventions are primarily designed to meet our clients’ needs in respect of their particular concerns.

Protocol: Once the intake and initial assessment is complete, the client or group is gently guided into the relaxation stage; our clients have all greatly enjoyed this experience of deep relaxation and they often continue these very simple and effective relaxation techniques in their daily lives.
Retaining this state of relaxation or trance the therapist will affect whatever model of hypnosis has been agreed to facilitate the desired changes.
Once this stage is complete the therapist will integrate the changes with further guided visualisation. The client virtually experiences the effect and the results of the changes they have made. The subconscious takes this on as existent and the change is then installed and becomes the client’s reality.
The client is then gently guided back to their everyday waking state with the post hypnotic suggestions of feeling free, confident, relaxed and yet energised and ready to get on with the rest of their day, and their wonderful life.

Sessions: Many individual cases will only require one session including the counselling and assessment phase. Group programmes, depending on the issues, will run over three to six sessions.

Engaging us: We offer a free initial consultation for organisations, schools and universities to discuss their prospective needs and requirements. From this we can assist in forming a brief and a programme strategy.
In individual cases preliminary assessment can be made via a complimentary telephone consultation. The prospective treatment can be discussed and agreed at the same time. Once the client has engaged ongoing assessment is a normal part of their programme.