Patience is such a waste of time…BG&A have a proven track record in facilitating fast positive change…

“January 2016 was the start of my 6-8 week personal Life coaching program which I found very helpful. I knew It was time to get things in order and start to take things to the next level within my academic, Sports and Personal life. BG&A and I started by looking at my personal goals and life in general, then setting out my priorities and taking the appropriate action. Each session ended with Clinical Hypnotherapy which left me feeling very relaxed and confident. The experience of Hypnosis exceeded my expectations. Hypnotherapy played a massive part of my healing process alongside an ongoing rehabilitation program for existing injuries that stopped me playing Basketball Last year. The Performance related Hypnotherapy helped me stay focused on Basketball & School work both mentally and physically. I will be taking my newfound confidence to the England Basketball Camp this year which consists of the Country’s Top 50 Players, and also to the Seville Basketball Academy in Spain this summer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank BG&A for their time effort and kind consideration”. O D, Basketball Player

At BG&A we know that when you want to make positive change you want to make it fast and permanent…

You don’t want to overcome obstacles, you want them removed leaving your way clear all the way through to your goal. Your issue may be the result of ‘hidden injuries’ – those you experience in the privacy or secrecy of your own mind; like the fear your body may fail coming back from injury even though you are signed off as fit. You may be challenged with lack of motivation for some inexplicable reason or a crisis of confidence.

What changes do you want to make and how important are they to you?

How would it be for you to achieve what you want almost immediately, and what results would you expect to get from that?

BG&A can help…

“I have been stuck with a shoulder injury for years and have been trying to rehabilitate it for a while. After being told many times that there is nothing physically wrong I thought it was time to explore alternative therapies.  That’s when a friend suggested that I should give Clinical Hypnotherapy a go and that I should speak to BG&A. My friend had undergone a stress and anxiety session and was overwhelmed with the results.  With a free consultation call I had nothing to lose. After speaking to BG&A for 20 minutes I felt very comfortable and knew this was for me. I’m taking this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me. I’m skipping and hitting bags freely once again, so thank you.” K., amateur boxer

 At BG&A we offer: a safe, non-invasive, drug free, and super relaxing solution to your particular challenges…does it sound too good to be true? Significant numbers of world superstars know it’s all true… and so do the numerous sporting teams and individuals we have worked with to date…

When introduced to the sessions I was extremely sceptical. Thinking hypnotism was nonsense and would not work for me. After the first session this disappeared along with a lot of my worries in rugby. I started to play and train with a lot more freedom and regained the confidence I had lost due to a tough year. The little things didn’t seem to bother me anymore and mistakes weren’t a problem, they were brushed aside with ease and I could focus and move on to the next task. Ranj and Betty are brilliant, making you feel cared for, comfortable and make the whole process easy. I would recommend this type of therapy as much as you would a Physio for an injury. Any sportsman who needs that little boost mentally, spring in their step back should give this a try. I came away from every session feeling relaxed, reinvigorated and with a desire to do better. My performances improved, my leadership was a lot clearer and my focus on the important things was a lot sharper again. An excellent and worthwhile experience! The sessions were part of a group process which consisted of other players who also benefited hugely.” 2016 Martin Beaumont First Team Captain and Field Coach, Canterbury Rugby Club

The desire for constant improvement and optimum performance is an accepted characteristic of both professional and amateur athletes, regardless of their sport. It is a constant drive that inspires them to be their best. Sometimes accident, injury, or external stress may cause anxiety and fear culminating in diminished confidence and poor performance. In a number of cases these injuries are hidden due to denial, shame, guilt, embarrassment, anger or subconscious suppression. When this happens the real issue presents itself as some of the following: psychosomatic pain, regular injuries, overwhelms, competition nerves and mood swings. We all know and accept that to be a successful athlete requires high levels of physical fitness and at the same time sports performance absolutely relies on mental health and ability. We have seen the rise in sports psychology in recent years. Mental health and development is now realised to be essential for athletes to accomplish their sporting goals. Sports hypnotherapy can do for the mind what training and coaching can do for the body of an athlete. Studies show Clinical Hypnosis promotes relaxation and stress management allowing athletes to gain more easily the highly valued ‘flow state’. Many British coaches are now turning to sports psychologists to help them train their athletes. But many other international Olympic coaches and competitors add to their sports psychology the super power of sports hypnotherapy. They have realised for many years the exceptional positive benefits of applying these two powerful methodologies. Professional managers, coaches and athletes worldwide have realised and proved the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy to bring about super fast therapeutic effect. Since the 1950’s Hypnotherapy has been documented as a powerful and valued model of treatment by the BMA. There is a history of Hypnotherapy being used for many years to develop sports performance in professional and amateur athletes, by helping them to manage their mental state and enhancing their natural ability. In Britain it is only now being promoted as a highly effective technique for helping our athletes.

Some International Sporting Personalities who report the therapeutic effects of hypnotherapy are:

  • Andre Agassi
  • Pat Cash
  • Tiger Woods
  • Nick Faldo
  • Ian Woosnam
  • Deana Rushworth
  • Steve Collins
  • Jean Alesis
  • And many more

Typically non-sporting personal life issues affect sports performance creating symptoms and conditions to include: insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, phobias and traumas, drug use, drinking, smoking, anger issues and excessive behaviour. All of which have negative and sometimes devastating effect on athletic and sporting performance. Clinical Hypnotherapy is accepted to be one of the most effective treatments for these conditions.  It is important to note that Clinical Hypnotherapy has been chosen as one of the principal non–diagnostic therapies to complement conventional medicine. They have been placed in group two of the government categorised list for complementary health care. As sports & Athletics become ever more competitive, and those participating attain even higher achievements, the mental side of sport is going to become even more important. BG&A Sports Hypnotherapy is ideally placed to provide you with these mental skills, and take your performance to the next level. Some of the main areas where BG&A with Sports Clinical Hypnotherapy will be of particular benefit are listed below, however this list is not exhaustive and individual athletes may have quite specific issues that are affecting their performance.

  • Performance anxiety
  • Enhanced performance
  • Motivation
  • Recovery from Injuries
  • Developing Confidence
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Overcoming past negative experience
  • Managing Emotional states
  • Self limiting beliefs
  • Interpersonal relationship (teams- coaches)
  • Personal life Issues
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Stopping smoking
  • Physical pain and healing
  • Psychosomatic conditions & pain

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