The primary aim of coaching is to facilitate the client’s own ability to:

Recognise within themselves their goals and how to achieve those goals. Coaching promotes self actualisation and empowerment of the individual.

Coaching is in the main a talking therapy to include counselling and other psychotherapeutic models like CBT and solution based processes, exercises to promote self analysis, greater awareness and self knowledge. The working alliance requires parity, rapport, unconditional regard for the client, and trust.

The coach will sometimes challenge the client’s thinking and responses in order to allow the client to reflect and maybe reassess their beliefs and decisions where appropriate.     

Coaches offer what has become commonly termed ‘a sounding board’ allowing clients to tell their story or talk about a specific issue. During this process of uninterrupted recounting, the client will often quite suddenly get a ‘lightbulb moment’ of clarity, changed thinking, the sudden realisation they have the answer or clear understanding of something which has confounded them until this moment. 

Well trained coaches have the ability to create profound rapport and engagement with their clients. They listen with a respectful curiosity, and a high degree of empathy. This focussed attention to the client will allow the coach to ask the specific question that will activate the brilliance of the client’s subconscious mind to produce the answer and the solution to the client’s issue.

There are a number of coaching models to include: CBT – Person Centred – Solution Focussed – NLP Coaching – Executive Coaching – Life Coaching

At BG&A we incorporate coaching as part of our integrated client led model.