Exam Stress – What is it and how can it be stopped in it tracks?

“I am so happy that I signed up to be a part of this programme. I have seen improvements in things that I didn’t even view as a problem beforehand and I don’t imagine going back to feeling that way. Thank you very much!

“This is the most incredible feeling that I have ever experienced in my life.”

“I would just like to say today I had my gene exam on transcription in prokaryotes and eukaryotes and I was completely calm. I didn’t feel the need to stress and cram and I had an early night.”

Students presenting with exam stress & anxiety both in university, and those in school, commonly present with the same issues. They feel overwhelmed by the coursework and the pre exam revision they are required to undertake. They describe feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to face and how this results in their procrastination. As they continue to feel unable to apply themselves to their work they often experience panic and the accompanying symptoms of severe stress and anxiety. Procrastination can be viewed as the in the fight/flight/freeze response.

Our recent work and research with students at a leading UK university and a top UK grammar school has highlighted procrastination to be the major issue presented by students.

The students experience a devastating sense of guilt, plummeting self worth, loss of confidence, crippling fear of failure, real fear of failing the expectations of their families and supporters, imposter syndrome etc. For many, this will be the first time they have felt this overwhelm and loss of drive and motivation. Then for some, it will be an ongoing pattern which somehow has to be managed alone. The victims of this crippling syndrome do not realise this is not due to their laziness or ineptitude but to a deeper subconscious and inept programming.

Other behaviours may also become apparent e.g. subconscious exiting from the situation like: over committing to other activities which sound positive – maybe charity work or supporting another group activity.

In the majority of cases, however, exiting includes some or all of the following:

• Excess of sleep; especially during the day
• Not sleeping
• Eating disorders
• Excessive alcohol
• Substance abuse
• Excessive cramming without sleep
• Excessive partying
• Excessive sports and exercise
• Psychosomatic health issues

“Barely experience any anxiousness/stress concerning exams and to some extent my work. I still feel pressurized due to the amount of work I have, but am ready to tackle it head on.”

“The hypnotherapy has worked and I feel so grateful” – “I am delighted to tell you that I received 70% in my gene expression exam that I took on Tuesday. I did make a few silly mistakes but I am so overwhelmed and delighted because I feel my hard work has come to the outcome I wished for.”

“These sessions have also helped me overcome somewhat the fear of disappointing my father and being ok with the results I get or mistakes I make. I am more confident in myself that I can achieve what I want to and even if I quite don’t that will be fine.”

How BG&A can help to stop the cause and crippling effects of exam stress and anxiety

The students’ comments shown on this page describing their results of the BG&A programme, were achieved in a maximum of three one hour sessions.

What is anxiety

Anxiety is simply the work of your imagination. It manifests when you create a false and negative forward memory. Exam anxiety is manifested by imagining and telling yourself you will do badly for some reason. The subconscious believes this to be reality and it then activates the stress response. Should you choose to imagine a positive exam experience then the result would be calm confidence because the subconscious would activate the relaxation response. Easily said; but how do you do you trigger the relaxation response?
Imagine how it would be for you to feel calm, confident and actually enjoy your exams knowing that you can access your knowledge in order to answer any exam question without hesitation. What results would you get from this?

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