What is Stress?

Stress is a condition when the demands on us are believed to be or are actually greater than our resources to cope. Increasing numbers of college & university students and young people are experiencing exam stress and anxiety.
The following is an excerpt from the website of Anxiety UK, a user-led charity with more than forty years experience in supporting those living with anxiety.
The word stress is usually used to describe the feelings that people experience when the demands made on them are greater than their ability to cope. At such times people can often feel overloaded, under tremendous pressure and very tense or emotional. Stress affects everyone, young and old and is a completely normal reaction that all human beings will experience from time to time when faced with situations where they feel under pressure.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is simply the work of your imagination. It manifests when you create a false and negative forward memory. Anxiety is manifested by imagining and telling yourself you will have a negative experience in the future for some reason. Maybe an upcoming performance or exam…The subconscious believes this to be reality and it then activates the stress response. Should you choose to imagine a positive experience then the result would be calm confidence because the subconscious would activate the relaxation response. Easily said but how do you trigger the relaxation response?
Imagine how it would be for you to feel calm, confident and actually enjoy your forthcoming challenge. Trusting yourself to instantly and easily recall your knowledge and skills to mind whenever you need to really know you have the knowledge and ability to succeed? What results would you get from this?